Awareness of Drug Addiction in Urban Dhaka

Drug addiction has become a major problem in Bangladesh especially in Dhaka, affecting people from all walks of life. The awareness of its effects is crucial in order to combat this issue. So Utshob Drug Addiction Treatment Center always tries to fight drug addiction problem by creating awareness amongst the mass people. Our latest venture was to distribute t-shirts amongst rickshaw pullers to aware the passengers with messages printed  in the back. There are several direct and indirect effects of awareness against addiction, these are: Health Effects: Drugs like heroin, marijuana and yaba (methamphetamine) have severe health consequences, including impaired...

Awareness on Drug Addiction
Awareness on International Day Against Drug Abuse And Illicit Trafficking

Every year, the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is observed on June 26. The main goal of this day is to spread awareness about the physical and psychological impact of substance abuse, drug overdose deaths, and drugs-addiction problems. Utshob Drug Addiction Treatment Center celebrated the day to raise awareness on Addressing drug challenges in health and humanitarian crisis with a rally in the local community and distributed leaflets amongst members of the community. The businessmen in the communities appreciated the addiction treatment centers approach and inspired the staffs do well in their future endeavors. The treatment center...

Counseling Offer on Ramadan
Free Drug Addiction Counseling on Ramadan starting from Bengali New Year

Utshob Drug Rehabilitation & Treatment Center offering free drug addiction counseling to help fighting drug addiction in the urban community. Our clinical psychologist and addiction counselors will be attending sessions for persons and families suffering from drug addiction. Counseling allows for a new perception on drug addiction, which helps a person recognize any of the activities, routines or thoughts that results in making them abusing drugs. Our drug addiction treatment center have a  counselor who will help reform the injurious obsessive and compulsive practices by using sessions that allows the person to discover new methods People learn positive coping approach...

Awareness Program at Drug Addiction Treatment Center
Awareness on Drug Addiction

Utshob Drug Addiction Treatment Center conducted an awareness program on the effects of drug addiction in youths of urban community at their premises in Jatrabari, Dhaka. In the discussion session the speakers expressed their knowledge on the long time effects of drugs in the urban community. Along with the addiction professionals The Inspector for Demra Zone of Department of Narcotics Control  was also present. He expressed his opinion based on his experience in handling such crimes and preventing the spread of illicit drugs in his zone. Every participant in the program was given tee-shirts to spread the message around the...

#ShareFactsOnDrugs to #saveLives
Share Fact on Drugs and Save Lives

#ShareFactsOnDrugs to #saveLives We are implementing some measures in our community to share fact on drugs to save lives, as we are working on treating substance use disorder for more than a decade, we always take initiative to pay our tribute to the society. UNODC declared this years theme to tackle misinformation and grow awareness about the true information on drugs, facts gathered from verified sources. We are selecting some youth volunteers in the community and arranging free workshops to share fact on drugs. Our Drug Addiction Treatment Center in Dhaka facilitates an speaker who is a ICAP to conduct...

Awareness on Corona Visrus
Awareness about Corona pandemic

The World Health Organization(WHO) officially changed the illness caused by a corona virus, from an epidemic to a pandemic. Though our primary purpose is to help people live a drug free sober life by drug addiction treatment in Dhaka, as active members of our society we decided to aware people with a simple protective mask and distributing leaflets about “What to DO” to be safe in this situation. There is no vaccine available to prevent coronavirus disease (COVID-19) till date.   Experts are not fully aware how this virus spreads, though they are advising some precautions  as following to help...

Family reunion aat Drug Addiction Treatment Center
Clean Birthday Celebrations at February and March 2020

After Care tools are the most important weapons to maintain a person’s recovery journey. A vital part of after care is clean birthday celebrations. Addiction professionals at Utshob Drug Addiction Treatment Center highly recommend clean day celebrations so that the priority is focused on recovery journey. We also encourage the participation of friends and families in such gatherings. Every month we arrange several clean day celebration programs to give the person’s clean time same importance as any other fellows in our Utshob family. We celebrated four clean birthdays and a total of thirteen (13) years of clean time In February....

World Drug Day Activities
International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking 2019

26 June is declared as the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking since 1988 passed by the UN general assembly at DEC 7 1987 . This day is observed as an representation of its determination to reinforce engagement and collaboration to attain the goal of a global society free from drug and substance abuse. This year’s slogan of this day is “Health for Justice, Justice for Health”. The slogan underlies the importance of physical, mental, and social conditions involving health, human rights, criminal justice system and social service institutions such as drug addiction treatment centers, hospitals, correctional facilities...

Outdoor Sports
Out Ventures

We believe that, drug addiction treatment is a long time process, though our basic treatment program is for a limited period over four months, We try to have outings, outdoor sports, hiking, attending recovery get together of different communities as the after care program. We also arrange a weekly gathering at our center. As our drug addiction program alters in terms of evidence based facts, we try to encourage our recovering addict community to be busy with some kind of positive peer culture, it helps them to help their selves in their recovery journey. We are also making a tie...

Celebrating Life in Recovery
One Year Clean Birthday

Congratulations! Mithu M for being clean from drugs for 1 years. We wish him a success in all the aspects of his life. He proved that if one can try he could make a miracle happen .