About UTSHOB Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Utshob Drug Addiction Treatment Center, established in 2006 is a pioneer in drug abuse treatment field. It all started from the urge to bring back a drug addict to normal life. The founders of the Drug Addiction Treatment Center started the organization in a tiny place at Kutubkhali, Jatrabari with only six(6) patients. The founders of Utshob Drug Addiction Treatment Center are

In a few years the organization included two more partners, they are:

After a decade of serving suffering drug addicts in the community Utshob Drug Addiction Treatment Center moved to their own establishment at Sheikhdi.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Medical Team

Medical Support is the most crucial phase of drug addiction treatment. When a patient is admitted, he is undertaken by the medical support team for assessment and withdrawal management, with the help of our experienced professionals.

Dr.Abul hasnat Real

Medical Officer

Dr. Rahanul Islam

MBBS, M.D.(psychiatry)

MD Kaiyum

Medical Support Manager
Paramedic & Rescue In-charge

Counseling Team

A greater part of our drug addiction treatment is based on physiological counseling for both the patient and their family. So we try to create a team combining addiction professionals and physiologists trained in addiction treatment. Our team of counseling are as following

Arifur Rahman Shaheen

Addiction Professional
Trained in ICCAP Part 1

Mohammad Shumon

Addiction Professional
12 Years of Experience in Addiction Treatment

Md. Abu Zahid Hasan (Neel)

Ms in Clinical Psychology (Dhaka University)
Art Therapy (India)
Addiction professional (ICAP, DNC)

HR & Accounts

We have individuals to handle HR and accounts management so that, our staffs and clients are served to the level best

Iqbal Hossain

Head of Administration

Hasibur Rahman Shimul

Head of Accounts

Therapeutic Community 

The heart of our treatment program is Therapeutic Community(TC). Our core program is based on TC but unlike the most drug addiction treatment centers in Dhaka we modified the program in a non confrontational way and we also added a touch of twelve step program and religious motivation. Our team members for the TC group are: 

Mir Md Reajuddin

Center Manager

Monir Hossain

Support Manager

Dr. Mawlana Nurul Absar Mohammad Shaker

Religious Motivator