Family Support

Addiction is a disease that affects the whole family of a drug addict. The whole family suffers for one person. That is why it’s very important for the family to be adequate to fight addiction and bring their loved one to recovery. Drug Addiction destroys families as much as it destroys the suffering person. Living with an addict is both excruciating and grueling. Family members are tattered between how to help the suffering member and trying not to be trapped into that person’s manipulative world of pain and loss. With our experience in drug addiction treatnment since the twelve years, we have found some useful things you can do for your loved one after they have undergone a residential treatment procedure.

Family Counseling

Family or loved one’s becomes co addicts and reacts like one, so they need to know they are also affected by drug addiction and they have a very important role to play in their loved one’s recovery journey. That’s why regular family counseling is so important. Family counseling services are available for both in-patient and out-patient clients.

Family Meeting

We encourage family members (wife, father, mother, siblings and matured or young adolescent spouses) to attend our family meeting where suffering families share their experience, strength and hope. These family meetings are very useful for their loved ones successful recovery journey. The topics and sharing of these meetings are strictly confidential.

Information About Addiction

Importance of Family Counseling in Drug Addiction Treatment
Nurturing Hope: The Vital Role of Family Counseling in Drug Addiction Treatment in Dhaka

In the bustling city of Dhaka, amidst its vibrant culture and thriving community, lies a sobering reality - the pervasive issue of drug addiction. While the fight against drug abuse requires a multifaceted approach, one often overlooked yet crucial aspect is family counseling. In the journey towards recovery, the support and involvement of family members can make all the difference, through drug addiction treatment transforming lives and fostering lasting change is possible. Family counseling serves as a cornerstone in drug addiction treatment for several compelling reasons. Firstly, it acknowledges the interconnectedness of familial relationships and substance abuse. Drug addiction not...

Family Meeting and Counseling
Family Meeting and Counseling for Drug Addiction Treatment

The scourge of drug addiction is a formidable challenge that affects not only individuals but also their families. As addiction takes hold, it creates a ripple effect that can fracture relationships, disrupt communication, and breed mistrust. Recognizing the vital role of family dynamics in the recovery process, Utshob Drug Addiction Treatment Center has pioneered an innovative approach by incorporating family meeting and counseling as an integral part of their comprehensive drug addiction treatment program. This holistic approach not only aids in the recovery of the addicted individual but also aims to mend the broken bonds within the family unit. Understanding...

Group Session With Family
The Importance of Family in Drug Addiction Treatment Process

Though Drug Addiction is personal, but they fabricate extensive consequences. A person caught in obsession and compulsion for drugs, destroys his relationships. It also brings chaos to those closest. The families of people struggling with drug addiction, takes the hit in point blank range, which is why family counseling and family therapy’s are such vital part of addiction treatment and recovery process. The family has a vital role to play in any drug addiction treatment process. But family therapies are not used to its greatest capacity in most of the treatment center in Dhaka. The primary challenge is the augmentation...

Brain in Addiction
Scientific Evolution of Drug Addiction Treatment

For a significant time of the last century, scientists researching drug addiction struggled in the glooms of influential myths, trends and misconceptions about the nature of drug addiction. When scientists began to study addictive patterns in the 30’s, drug addicts were considered to be morally deficient and willpower less. Those thoughts wrought society’s retort to drug use, treating it as a moral failure rather than a disease, it led to an importance on criminal like punishment rather than prevention and treatment. Now a day, thanks to medical science, people’s views and responses to drug addiction and the various ranges of...