Utshob Drug Addiction Treatment Center, established in 2006 is a pioneer in drug abuse treatment field. It all started from the urge to bring back a drug addict to normal life. The founders of the Drug Addiction Treatment Center started the organization in a tiny place at Kutubkhali, Jatrabari with only six(6) patients. After a decade of serving suffering people in the community Utshob Drug Addiction Treatment Center moved to their own establishment at Sheikhdi.

Our treatment process for drug addiction treatment consists of several phases. The treatment duration is tailored into four (4) months due to social or professional purposes. As our treatment plan is customized for individuals we also suggest a longer period of after care through in-patient and out-patient services. Various surveys run at different drug addiction treatment center in Dhaka also suggests that the longer the treatment time is, the greater the chance of staying clean is.


Drug addiction is now rampant everywhere in Bangladesh; in the residences, streets, in the place of work, recreational areas and even in educational institutions both in pastoral and metropolitan areas. Almost all portions of society are relentlessly affected by this epidemic. The big worry lies in the future generation, because about 85 percent of the drug addicts are adolescents and young men from 15 to 30 years of age.

Addiction of yaba is the scariest threat in terms of drug addiction in Bangladesh. Department of Narcotics Control (DNC) of Bangladesh Government statistics showed that there are six and a half million drug addicts in Bangladesh, most of them are mixed up with yaba. Currently, this is the most trending drug. The survey on enlisted drug addiction treatment centers in Dhaka, both drug rehabs and detoxification clinics shows more than 84 percent of the patients are admitted for Yaba Addiction.

Yaba addiction is a somber disorder that is extremely difficult to deal with. Utshob Drug Addiction Treatment Center is a leading drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation center for men and young adolescent suffering from drug addiction like Yaba addiction as well as other substance use disorders(SUD) such as Phensedyl addiction, Heroin addiction and Marijuana addiction as well as other co-occurring disorders.

YABA Epidemic Scenario & Effects on Drug Users

Recent survey on drug addiction in Bangladesh pictures that, more than 80 percent of the drug addicts in Bangladesh are involved in yaba addiction as it is extremely addictive. Currently, yaba is the most popular drug of choice among the drug addicts in Bangladesh due to its availability and low price.  The same picture is seen at different drug addiction treatment center in Dhaka also. Addiction professionals named this crucial phase as Yaba Epidemics. Even the Government of Bangladesh has declared a war against Drug Dealers mainly targeting yaba kingpins around the country. The stats on seized yaba have been increased tremendously as per government reports also. Law enforcement agencies of Bangladesh seized 89,707,202(8.97 crore) pieces from 2015 to 2017(3 Years) compared to 2010 to 2014’s (previous five years) time period 13,458,691 (1.3 crore) pieces.